Results Update 21-11-17

Recent matches have seen mixed fortunes for Richmond’s teams.

Starting with the good news, our London League team scored a convincing win over Cavendish 2, the score currently standing at 6½-2½ in our favour with one game adjourned. Wins were registered by Ameet Ghasi, Gavin Wall, Callum Kilpatrick, Caspar Bates and John Burke, while Mark Josse, Mike Smart and Richard Thursby drew their games.

Three of our Thames Valley League teams were also in action last week. The A team faced a difficult away match against league champions Wimbledon. We arrived to discover that they were not at full strength, and that their top board had pulled out at short notice, so, looking at the team sheets, we had an outside chance of a result. But it wasn’t to be, as most of the games went in Wimbledon’s favour. All we managed was three draws, from Mike Healey, Bertie Barlow and myself, along with an adjournment where we’re a pawn down.

The C team also faced challenging opponents in Kingston B, whose top three boards were all graded in the 140s. In the circumstanced they did well to score 1½ points, thanks to a win from Ken Broadley and a draw on top board from Alex Shard against Ken Inwood, the British Under 18 Champion back in 1953.

The stars of the week, though, were Richmond D, who faced Surbiton C, one of the strongest teams in their division. They emerged 3-2 ahead, with Eamon Rashid-Farokhi scoring another win, and Julian Bedale also bringing home the full point. Masoud Molazadeh and the fast improving Huw Williams, facing an opponent graded 46 points above him, both shared the point, while Stuart Jeffreys has a favourable adjournment which should see Julian’s team clinch the match.

This week is quiet, so you all have time to recharge your batteries before next month’s matches.