First Evening at the Roebuck

Yesterday saw our first meeting at our new venue, The Roebuck in Hampton Hill.

The evening was a great success with 14 chess players, ranging from IM Gavin Wall downwards, enjoying an evening of social chess, blitz, variants and chat. It was great to see several former members who hadn’t played for us for a number of years as well as a prospective member.

Many thanks to everyone who turned up, and especially to Huw for arranging the venue.

There has been an upturn in London chess over the past couple of years as the more enlightened clubs are becoming increasingly aware that there’s more to chess than just turning up, playing a match game and going home again.

We need to communicate, not just with our members, but with the outside world through blogs and social media. We need to run simuls, coaching and social events as well as matches. The clubs that survive will be those who understand this.

Next Thursday’s match has been postponed, so we’ll be there for more social chess on 4 October. On match evenings you’ll be able to play social chess in the bar.