Richmond D v Richmond C 11-10-18

This match was the subject of much discussion at The Exchange, Twickenham, on Thursday evening. I’d tweeted during the afternoon that Twickenham residents had a choice between watching this match or going to folk & guitar legend Martin Simpson‘s gig. I chose the latter, and was amazed when Martin related my tweet (along with another tweet revealing that songwriter Leon Rosselson had been a strong teenage chess player in the 1950s) to the audience. My life is now complete.

But onto what you really want to know – the result of the match.

  1. Eamon Rashid-Farokhi (142) 1-0 Alex Shard (137)
  2. Masoud Molazadeh (137) 1-0 Dan Donohoe (104)
  3. Henk van Oosten (-) 1-0 Barry Sutton (97)
  4. Colin Dailley (96) 0-1 George Dokic (90)
  5. Lewis Low (91) 1-0 Jim Anandajeyarajah (85)
  6. Nette Robinson (72) 0-1 Ken Broadley (47)

Final score: Richmond D 4-2 Richmond C