Richmond A v Hammersmith A 25-10-18

Our first A team match at the Roebuck saw us entertaining visitors from Hammersmith, who fielded a team particularly strong on the middle boards.

They proved too strong for us and, in the end, won pretty comfortably. Thanks to everyone who played (it was good to see Henk, Max and Maks returning) and congratulations to Mike, our only winner on the night. A special mention also for Chris, who shared the point with a much higher graded opponent.

Richmond A Hammersmith A
1 Gavin Wall 222 ½:½ Carsten Pedersen 197
2 Mike Healey 205 1:0 Thomas Bonn 193
3 Chris White 167 ½:½ Bajrush Kelmendi 190
4 Richard James 170 0:1 Chris Skulte 188
5 Raghu Kamath 168 0:1 Tony Niccoli 188
6 Henk Van Oosten – 0:1 Tommaso Martelli 174
7 Max Wood-Robinson – ½:½ Paul Kennelly 159
8 Maks Gajowniczek – 0:1 Adam Cranston 136

We really need some 180-200 strength players for the middle boards in order to be competitive against the stronger teams in the league. If you know anyone who might be interested, please get in touch!