Harrow B v Richmond D 08-11-18

Last Thursday saw our D team make an expedition to the northern wastelands of Harrow in a successful attempt to discover our North West London rivals’ new venue. They chose to use public transport via Willesden Junction and Kenton rather than contend with the rush hour traffic.

They managed to come away with the full point. Congratulations to Eamon, Masoud and Colin on their wins, to Julian for a draw against a higher rated opponent, and to Max on his first competitive game.

Harrow B Richmond D
1 Alan Marshall 123 0:1 Eamon Rashid-Farokhi 142
2 David Stott 119 0:1 Masoud Molazadeh 137
3 David Wray 115 1:0 Huw Williams 108
4 Jennifer Goldsmith 105 0:1 Colin Dailley 96
5 Phil Humphry 101 ½:½ Julian Bedale 62
6 David Walker 89 1:0 Max Brindley