Richmond A v Wimbledon A 16-11-18

We were without Gavin this time, but did have, in theory, nine players. Due to a last minute traffic problem, nine became eight, so I was denied the opportunity to spend the evening in the bar.
Richmond A Wimbledon A
1 Mike Healey 205 ½:½ Marcus Osborne 197
2 Julien Shepley 180 Adj Steve Berry 211
3 Chris White 167 0:1 Robin Haldane 191
4 Richard James 170 ½:½ Ivar Chavannes 198
5 Raghu Kamath 168 0:1 Tony Hughes 171
6 Bertie Barlow 161 ½:½ Ian Heppell 183
7 Max Wood-Robinson – 1:0 Nick Keene 165
8 Ian McLeod 154 1:0 Paul Barasi 161

Level pegging at the moment but the adjournment on board 2 doesn’t look good. Nevertheless, an encouraging performance against strong opposition.

Paul Barasi and I have known each other for more than half a century. It’s a standing joke between us that, while Paul prefers losing to drawing, I prefer drawing to winning.

Having outplayed my much higher graded Norwegian opponent with Black, then, instead of trying to find a win I allowed a queen exchange and agreed a draw. I’ll show you the position in another post.

Meanwhile, on board 8, Paul was beating Ian but losing to the clock. Ian sportingly offered a draw, which Paul, even more sportingly, declined. Soon afterwards his flag well. Bertie’s opponent was also generous in offering a draw: Ian Heppell was two pawns up in a rook ending but thought Bertie had enough counterplay.

Congratulations to Max, who is showing impressive form on his return to chess following the completion of his university studies.

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