Ealing Juniors v Richmond A 17-12-18

Our last match of 2018 was another vital match for the A team, facing a team comprising some of London’s top young players.

With Gavin rushing back from Germany, we were able to field a team good enough to win 5-3. Congratulations to Gavin, Mike, Chris and Raghu on their wins and many thanks to all who played in this match, and have supported the team so far this season.

Ealing Juniors Richmond A
1 Jacob Yoon 189 0:1 Gavin Wall 222
2 Michael Ifalore 177 0:1 Mike Healey 205
3 Christopher Tombolis 177 0:1 Chris White 167
4 Luke Remus Elliot 171 1:0 Richard James 170
5 Haotian Wu 171 ½:½ Max Wood-Robinson –
6 Tim Foster 170 ½:½ Bertie Barlow 161
7 Teddy Onslow 147 0:1 Raghu Kamath 168
8 Xavier Cowan 146 1:0 Ian McLeod 154

At the halfway point of the season we’re (presumably) on 3/6, having lost to the three teams who will be battling for the title, and beaten the other three teams. We’ll just need another couple of wins in the second half of the season to avoid relegation.

We still need to strengthen the team to be competitive. If you know anyone graded 170+ who’d like to play some matches in the Thames Valley League in the New Year please get in touch.

Our next match is not until Monday 21 January, when we visit Hammersmith. I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.