Harrow B v Richmond C 07-02-19

Richmond C travelled to Harrow and, although without their regular top board, being outgraded on every board and being a player short (I guess the clash with a D team match didn’t help) came away with a highly creditable 3-3 draw.

It was great to welcome back Richard Sleep after a 20 year absence. Richard has been involved with the club, on and off, for many years. I’d met him at a string quartet recital last summer where he told me he was interested in starting to play again. Congratulations to him on returning with a win, and also to Barry, with another great win against a higher graded opponent. Well done also Dan and George for sharing the point in their games.

Harrow B Richmond C
1 David Stott 123 ½:½ Dan Donohoe 103
2 Patrick Sartain 118 0:1 Barry Sutton 100
3 David Wray 116 1:0 Laurie Catling 100
4 Phil Humphry 101 0:1 Richard Sleep –
5 Jennifer Goldsmith 96 ½:½ George Dokic 90
6 David Walker 87 1:0 Default

In other TVC news, the unfinished game from their previous match against Surbiton C resulted in a draw, leaving Surbiton C the winners by 4 points to 2.