Uxbridge v Richmond B 26-02-19

Our B team, needing a result, visited fellow strugglers Uxbridge, coming away with a creditable draw, due in no small measure to our young players on boards 6 and 7. Max, who is improving rapidly, beat a very experienced opponent, while Lewis, although he was outgraded, drew his game. There was also a win for Ian against a dangerous and tactically astute adversary, and solid draws on the top two boards.

Thanks to all who made the journey.

Uxbridge Richmond B
1 Peter Walters 166 ½:½ Bertie Barlow 162
2 Colin Hughes 155 ½:½ Sampson Low 160
3 Peter Lord 150 0:1 Ian McLeod 159
4 Michael Price 149 1:0 Maks Gajowniczek 135
5 Daniel Knight 142 1:0 Adrian Waldock 138
6 John Woolley 134 0:1 Max Brindley –
7 Brian Foster 109 ½:½ Lewis Low 91

A report from Adrian:

Last Wednesday saw a good fight back to draw 3.5 – 3.5 at Uxbridge. 13 year old Lewis Low fought hard to draw a rook and pawn ending in 63 moves where his opponent was unable to make use of a 2:1 Q side pawn majority. His father Sampson seemed always to have the draw in hand against Colin Hughes in the last game to finish. Ian McLeod won convincingly against Peter Lord. Bertie Barlow drew quickly against Peter Walters in a QG semi-Tarrasch. Max Brindley on debut took some risks and sacrificed a piece in the ending to secure the promotion of his outside pawn against the experienced and hard to beat John Woolley. Adrian & Maks unfortunately got into difficult positions that they could not salvage.