Richmond C v Wimbledon D 12-03-19

Richmond C completed their programme for the season with a defeat at the hands of a strong Wimbledon D team, who are vying with Richmond D for the league title.

Well played Barry and Richard, who both beat useful opponents.

Richmond C Wimbledon D
1 Alex Shard 138 0:1 Angel Silva Pena –
2  Dan Donohoe 103 0:1 Robbie McCarthy 128
3 Barry Sutton 100 1:0 Pawel Slonczuk 126
4 Richard Sleep – 1:0 Paul Carter –
5 George Dokic 90 0:1 Maciej Psyk –
6 Jim Anandajeyarajah 81 0:1 Alex Brett 108

Richmond C finish with a score of 2½/10, a big improvement on last season’s performance, so congratulations are due to everyone in the squad. It’s really important that clubs should provide competitive chess for everyone, not just for the superstars in the first team.