Richmond E v Hounslow C 19-03-19

Richmond E concluded their programme for the season with another narrow defeat, at the hands of Hounslow C. Plaudits to Barry for his full point and George for his half point.

Richmond E Hounslow C
1 Dan Donohoe 103 0:1 Calum Kinloch –
2 Barry Sutton 100 1:0 Pavan Kumar Kota –
3 George Dokic 90 ½:½ Andrew Cleminson 84
4 Jim Anandajeyarajah 81 0:1 Dhruv Shah –

Richmond E won two matches and lost four, all by the odd point. Unlucky! Their two wins were 2½:1½ and 3:1, so all matches were closely contested, which is just what we like to see.

Division X is a ‘friendly’ division with no promotion or relegation designed to provide less experienced and lower graded players with competitive games. It would be good if more clubs supported this division next season.