Richmond B v Hounslow A 28-03-19

Richmond B faced another tough Division 2 match, at home to our local rivals from Hounslow. There was an excellent win from Ian against a very experienced campaigner and two excellent draws, from Adrian, and, especially from young Lewis, against a much higher graded opponent. Hounslow have a winning 4-2 lead, with one game adjourned.

Richmond B Hounslow A
1 Bertie Barlow 162 Adj Mateusz Dydak 172
2 Ian McLeod 159 1:0 Leon Fincham 158
3 Sampson Low 160 0:1 Seshagiri Vaddadi –
4 Maks Gajowniczek 135 0:1 Frank Zurstiege 154
5 Adrian Waldock 138 ½:½ David White 150
6 Max Brindley – 0:1 Peter Hawran 134
7 Lewis Low 91 ½:½ JJ Padam 136

I should receive a report from Adrian sometime soon, but he has an even harder match, away to Kingston on Monday, to deal with.

Division 2 is pretty challenging for our B team at the moment, but at the same time Division 3 would be a bit too easy.