Richmond D v Surbiton C 05-04-19

Some excellent news to report: Richmond D scored a commanding win over Surbiton C to guarantee at least second place in Division 4. Two teams are usually promoted but it’s not clear yet what decision the league committee will take at the end of the season.

James, in his first appearance for Richmond, posted a draw on board 2, and Eamon also shared the point on top board, completing an excellent season for the team. Colin scored an outstanding win against a highly rated young opponent and there were also wins for Rob and Max. Omar’s game was unfinished on the night but he has now resigned.

It’s great to see three new, and younger, members playing in this team. The players are out there: if we promote social chess and advertise it online they’ll turn up.

Richmond D Surbiton C
1 Eamon Rashid-Farokhi 143 ½:½ David Cole 120
2 James Munns 120 ½:½ Mark Webley 119
3 Colin Dailley 103 1:0 Radha Ratnesan 123
4 Omar Anbargi 108 0:1 Oleksiy Podolyan 120
5 Rob Hunter – 1:0 Rohan McCauley 85
6 Max Brindley – 1:0 Paul McCauley 87

Richmond D have now completed their programme for the season, winning six matches, drawing one and losing three.

Wimbledon D are on 6½/9: if they win or draw their last match, against Ealing C on Monday, they will win the title. If they lose, we will take the trophy on tie break.

Update: Wimbledon D drew with Ealing C so take the Division 4 title. We’re just behind in second place.