Richmond B v Maidenhead A 11-04-19

Unfortunately our opponents were unable to raise a team and had to concede the match.

The default situation in Division 2 of the Thames Valley League has been unsatisfactory this season.

Harrow A have defaulted four of their six away matches: in their other two matches, against Hounslow A and Uxbridge, they fielded strong teams and won easily. This is extremely unfortunate for those two teams, but also unfortunate for the other teams who missed out on a match.

Now Maidenhead A have defaulted two away matches, against Kingston A and ourselves. They visited Surbiton B, Harrow A and Hounslow A, but lost all three matches. They have one more away match to come, against Uxbridge.

Both Richmond B and Kingston A have won two matches by default, so their players will only have had ten matches rather than the expected twelve.

As a match captain myself I’m well aware how hard it can be to get teams together, especially for more distant away matches when you need to arrange transport. You have to decide whether to field a weak and incomplete team or to concede the match. Wimbledon B had problems against our A team the other day, but chose to default three boards, while other teams in the same situation have preferred to cancel. I have every sympathy with Harrow and Maidenhead, but at the same time the league committee will have to consider what action, if any, to take.