Chess Puzzle of the Week (31)


I visited the Chess Shop in Baker Street recently on my way to our TVKO match at Harrow. Among my purchases was this book about Louis Paulsen. I was more than happy to read the latest additions to the Chess Palace Library while my colleagues did all the hard work.

In this position (Anderssen-Paulsen 1869) our hero played Na8, planning a knight trip to c7, e6 and d4. You might associate such a move with Nimzowitsch, but Paulsen got there first, 150 years ago.

One of the up and coming names in world chess is that of Vladislav Artemiev, who recently won the 2019 European Championship.


For this week’s puzzle, taken from the above event, how did he continue in this game against Zbynek Hracek? (source: BCM April 2019)