Epsom 1 v Richmond (Surrey League) 30-09-19

We’re off and running with the first match of the new season.

We have an experimental team in the Centenary Trophy (Division 4 of the Surrey League) designed mainly to provide competitive chess for some of our newer members and get them on the grading list.

Huw Williams reports:

“We have played our first match tonight against strong opposition. Nearly all of us were out gunned by 30 or more points. However we only lost 4 -2. A good win by Colin and halves for Masoud and Huw. Well played Andreas and Paul on your first competitive matches and another thumbs up to Julian.”

Epsom 1 Richmond
1 Robert Hamilton 175 ½:½ Masoud Molazadeh 126
2 Marcus Gosling 164 1:0 Andreas Maroulis –
3 Graham Alcock 148 1:0 Paul Evans –
4 Michael Wickham 135 0:1 Colin Dailley 106
5 Ravi Sharma 134 ½:½ Huw Williams 97
6 Brian Skinner 126 1:0 Julian Bedale 62


I’d like to add my congratulations to Colin, Masoud and Huw on their outstanding results, and to Andreas and Paul on their first competitive games against strong opposition.