Richmond D v Harrow 01-10-19

Richmond D (last year’s Richmond C, but as Richmond D gained promotion the teams have swapped names) opened their campaign back on 1 October at home to a higher graded team from Harrow. (This was, in effect, last season’s Harrow B, but as Harrow A withdrew from the league it’s now the only Harrow team. I do hope you’re paying attention and keeping up with all this.)

Richmond D Harrow
1 Alex Shard 142 ½:½ Mary Deans 129
2 Omar Anbargi 108 0:1 David Wray 121
3 Richard Sleep – 1:0 Alan Marshall 120
4 Laurie Catling 90 ½:½ David Stott 116
5 George Dokic 87 ½:½ Phil Humphry 108
6 Jim Anandajeyarajah 81 0:1 Jennifer Goldsmith 97

An excellent performance, but not quite enough for a result. Richard’s comeback continued with another win, while there were creditable draws for Laurie and George against stronger opposition, along with another half point from Alex.