Richmond A v Ealing A 31-10-19

Our first home match of the season saw us entertain Ealing A. Sadly, Halloween was not propitious for us and we went down to a disappointing defeat.

Mike Healey reports:

Well done to Raghu, winning in fantastic style on 7, and Richard for not only turning up but drawing with black (and being last to finish!)

Eamon, Bertie and John looked to have nullified their opponents but went down. Gavin and Chris chopped in level positions. The less said about my game the better.

It should be mentioned the match was played in a much more spacious room this evening! Well done to Huw et al.

Richmond A Ealing A
1 Gavin Wall 224 ½:½ Phil Makepeace 204
2 Mike Healey 217 0:1 Rajat Makkar 197
3 Chris White 180 ½:½ John Quinn 190
4 John Bass 176 0:1 Alan Perkins 188
5 Bertie Barlow 167 0:1 Tony Wells 173
6 Richard James 167 ½:½ Simon Healeas 155
7 Raghu Kamath 157 1:0 Hristo Colov 159
8 Eamon Rashid-Farokhi 144 0:1 Alastair Johnstone 141

The only reason I was the last to finish was that we were the only board playing the slow time limit. My opponent played well and never gave me any chance of an advantage. I was losing for a couple of moves having seen a Halloween ghost. If you’re interested you’ll find the position on Facebook.