Surbiton B v Richmond B 30-10-19

A slightly weakened Richmond B team faced a visit to Surbiton B, the strongest team in Division 2. They had declined promotion to Division 1 this season.

On the lower boards at least, things, not unexpectedly, didn’t go well.

Surbiton B Richmond B
1 Jasper Tambini 192 0:1 Bertie Barlow 167
2 David Scott 191 ½:½ Sampson Low 155
3 Tony Stewart 179 1:0 Raghu Kamath 157
4 Nick Faulks 169 1:0 Adrian Waldock 146
5 Steve Kearney 164 1:0 Masoud Molazadeh 126
6 Heiko Cassens 159 1:0 Lewis Low 94
7 Liam Bayly 152 1:0 Huw Williams 97

What great results for Bertie and Sampson, though! Well done!

Surbiton B had previously beaten Staines A 6½:½ and Wimbledon B 6:1 so at least we did better than their previous opponents.

Surbiton’s Steve Kearney tweeted:

“It was a very friendly and sporting match and the final match score belies how close the games were. My opponent played very well and I was pleased to squeeze a win at the end. Hope my opponent and his team Richmond have a very good season.”