Richmond B v Staines A 07-11-19

After two tough matches Richmond B finally opened their account against Staines A, one of the weaker teams in Division 2.

Huw Williams reports:

“Some interesting games on the top 3 boards with solid draws. Raghu had a good win, followed by a draw for Masoud, who had been a piece down for a while. The two youngsters Lewis and Sophie had a good game with Lewis going onto to win (This was Sophie’s first game [in the TV League]) and Paul had a fairly quick win after being a pawn down early on.”

Richmond B Staines A
1 Bertie Barlow 167 ½:½ Derek McGovern 165
2 Andrew Hebron 161 ½:½ Jack Sheard 153
3 Sampson Low 155 ½:½ Shahannah Schmid 148
4 Raghu Kamath 157 1:0 Paul Seymour 130
5 Masoud Molazadeh 126 ½:½ Stephen George 137
6 Lewis Low 94 1:0 Sophie Wang 93
7 Paul Evans – 1:0 Martin Conlon 50

Well played everyone!

It was good to encounter a team with two female players. The theme of this year’s London Chess Conference (in 3 weeks time) is “Chess and Female Empowerment”. That reminds me: I must book my ticket while they’re still available.