Richmond C v Wimbledon D 21-11-19

Our experimental team including four new members found the going tough against Wimbledon D, although they missed a few chances for a better result.

Richmond C Wimbledon D
1 Masoud Molazadeh 129 0:1 Sean Ingle 138
2 Marcel Holowienko – 0:1 Pawel Slonczuk 133
3 Andreas Maroulis – 0:1 Robbie McCarthy 130
4 Rob Hunter – 0:1 Alex Boitier –
5 Paul Evans – ½:½ Alex Brett 103
6 Omar Anbagi 108 ½:½ Omar Selim 68

Paul’s game was unfinished at the end, but he appeared to be just about holding it, so a draw was agreed.

In the Battle of the Omars, our Omar had KN v KQ when his opponent’s flag fell. As it’s not possible to construct a checkmate position for the king and knight the game was declared drawn.