Richmond B v Wimbledon B 17-12-19

It was another tough night for Richmond B, this time up against Wimbledon B, not helped by a default.

There was another excellent win from Andrew, along with a draw from Adrian, but not much Christmas cheer for the rest of the team, I’m afraid.

Richmond B Wimbledon B
1 Bertie Barlow 167 0:1 Tony Hughes 164
2 Andrew Hebron 161 1:0 Stephen Carpenter 160
3 Sampson Low 155 0:1 Yasser Tello 159
4 Adrian Waldock 146 ½:½ Angel Silva Pena 154
5 Default 0:1 Gordon Rennie 147
6 Paul Evans – 0:1 Michael Williams 135
7 Lewis Low 94 0:1 Pawel Slonczuk 133

Congratulations to Wimbledon B on a convincing victory and good luck to them for the rest of the season.

Thanks to all who played, and to all who have played for Richmond B so far this season, and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.