Hounslow B v Richmond C 06-01-20

Richmond C’s third match of the season saw a visit to Hounslow where we were faced with opponents who outgraded us on the top three boards.

Huw Williams reports:

Paul had a quick game and lost. I was down two pawns, but managed to win one back at the end and my opponent offered a draw. Colin lost a close game, then Rob won his game. Masoud was a pawn up, but with opposite bishops and a draw was agreed. Our last chance was Omar and he had a rook v bishop with six pawns each. As soon as Omar’s rook reached the seventh rank with check, his opponent resigned.

Hounslow B Richmond C
1 J J Padam 139 ½:½ Masoud Molazadeh 129
2 Peter Hawran 131 1:0 Paul Evans –
3 Calum Kinloch 131 1:0 Colin Dailley 106
4 Barry Fraser 105 0:1 Rob Hunter –
5 Pavan Kumar Kota 103 0:1 Omar Anbagi 108
6 John O’Toole 98 ½:½ Huw Williams 97

A good result: well done everyone.

You can play through Omar’s game here.