Maidenhead A v Richmond C 20-01-20

Maidenhead A are fielding a very strong team this year, which would be much better off in Division 2. They won their first two matches 5½:½. Would we fare any better?

Huw Williams reports:

Julian lost his queen on move 10, I missed a check that would have been close to equality and it went downhill from there. Masoud lost a tough ending, but played as solidly as ever. Andreas was outplayed, but knows where he went wrong. Adam held his own and his game went to adjournment. We were looking at a rout, however up stepped Colin and got a draw. His opponent was playing quickly as he was in time trouble and Colin found the right moves.

Maidenhead A Richmond C
1 John Wager 184 1:0 Masoud Molazadeh 129
2 Tony Milnes 169 1:0 Adam Naglik –
3 Charles Bullock 161 1:0 Andreas Maroulis –
4 Paul Janota 145 ½:½ Colin Dailley 106
5 Maxim Wenninger 140 1:0 Huw Williams 97
6 William Castaneda 135 1:0 Julian Bedale 62

A tough match against a very strong team. Congratulations to Colin for saving us from a whitewash.