Wimbledon 4 v Richmond (Surrey League) 27-01-20

Stunned by their defeat at the Roebuck back in October, Wimbledon 4 fielded a stronger team for the return match, while we were slightly weaker.

Huw Williams reports:

“There is a theme for this season in that we are at least 10 to 80 points per player worse off. Wimbledon put in a stronger team that had played against us last year at home. I moved Conor to board 1 followed by Andreas, Paul, Omar, Ron and myself. What followed was a closely fought match that could have gone either way.

“Andreas was unlucky and I messed up by getting my queen pinned. Ron was a pawn up but felt he was getting into to trouble and ended up with perpetual check for a draw. Paul and his opponent agreed a draw with one second left, Conor was unlucky not to get a win and Omar offered a draw which was accepted. So the final score was 4-2 to Wimbledon (a reverse of our home fixture).

“It could have easily been the other way round or at least a draw. As a group of players we maybe the weakest on paper, but we have a strong fighting spirit that I’m sure will change the fortune of our results.

“Many thanks to the team that played.”

Wimbledon 4 Richmond
1 Federico Hernandez 147 ½:½ Conor Murray-Playfair –
2 Michael Williams 135 1:0 Andreas Maroulis –
3 Pawel Slonczuk 133 ½:½ Paul Evans –
4 Andrew Blackburn 132 ½:½ Omar Anbargi 108
5 James Whiteley 118 ½:½ Ron Bilkhu –
6 Mario Avendano 115 1:0 Huw Williams 97

On paper we’re a division too high at the moment, but at the same time we’re giving our newer members experience taking on strong opposition.  A great performance all round and well done to Conor, Paul, Omar and Ron for their half points.