January 2020 Grades

The January 2020 ECF grades were published yesterday.

This link will tell you all you need to know about the grading system, which is currently undergoing major changes.  Our friends at Battersea have published a very helpful explanation of what’s happening. For the moment, though, the old system is still in use. Enter a player or club name in the search box to find out individual grades.

Excellent first grades for Adam Naglik (136F), Paul Evans (124) and Rob Hunter (109). Andrew Hebron’s 179 is by far his highest grade while Richard Sleep, whose last grade (114) was in 1998 comes back with a remarkable 152, although the F indicates it’s based on few games so is not statistically reliable.

For most of us though, the new list sees little change in our grade, although young Lewis Low’s 12 point rise is worth of note.

Herewith screen shots:


I note there are a lot of juniors on the list under Richmond who have no connection with either RTCC or RJCC. I believe these are competitors in the Richmond Megafinal of the UK Chess Challenge. I’ll contact the graders to see if their club identification can be changed in future.