Kingston B v Richmond C 03-02-20

Richmond C faced another hard task when visiting local rivals Kingston B at their new venue.

Huw Williams reports:

Yet another match that could have been so different. Outscored by at least 20-30 points per board. First to fall was me. Missed a huge opportunity (I doubted myself, but playing through afterwards, I would have been ahead). Rob had a good draw on board 4 from what he described as a ‘stale’ position. Andreas lost to Ken Inwood, but then Marcel beat Nick Grey in a tense ending. Well done Marcel.

Conor on board 1 looked like he was going to do well (he was a piece up), until his opponent started taking pawns and eventually fell as he couldn’t move his king. Masoud lost to Jon Eckert, so the final score was 1.5 – 4.5.

Learning points from all the games and I believe we will only get better.

Thank you to everyone who played tonight, much appreciated.

Kingston B Richmond C
1 Paul Gibbons 159 1:0 Conor Murray-Playfair –
2 Jon Eckert 145 1:0 Masoud Molazadeh 120
3 Nick Grey 146 0:1 Marcel Holowienko –
4 Greg Heath – ½:½ Rob Hunter 109
5 Ken Inwood 134 1:0 Andreas Maroulis –
6 Edward Mospan 143 1:0 Huw Williams 96

Well played, Kingston B! Good luck in your remaining matches.

Congratulations to Marcel and Rob on their excellent results.