Surbiton A v Richmond A 05-02-20

As Surbiton were unable to raise a team to visit us a few weeks ago we weren’t sure what to expect when we visited them. As it happens, they fielded a strong team against us.

Mike Healey reports:

Another close loss I’m afraid. Thanks to Marcel and Ian (reserve) for stepping up at the last minute. I was quite busy with my own game, but here are my recollections:

Marcel seemed to have a decent opening, but something went wrong.

Chris B seemed to have a very decent opening indeed (some kind of French with the bishop outside the pawn chain?) but something went drawish.

Richard J seemed to have a very very decent position, but claims to have forgotten how to win. Finishing off one of Surbiton’s many 190+ players is never easy though.

Andrew seemed to grab a pawn, then go down to an attack.

Bertie seemed to thoroughly outplay his opponent once more – oh to have a team of Bertie clones! Star man once more.

The Chrises had a crisis game as should be expected from two such creative players.

I had an unMikeish lovely opening, then chose several bad moves to ruin it. After much mutual umming and ahing with time trouble madness approaching, a draw was agreed.

Gavin had a Gaviny opening, which he will draw or win 99 times out of 100. This seemed to be the 1 however.

Surbiton Richmond A
1 James Holland 224 1:0 Gavin Wall 217
2 Mark Josse 212 ½:½ Mike Healey 213
3 Chris Briscoe 193 ½:½ Chris White 175
4 Altaf Chaudhry 196 0:1 Bertie Barlow 170
5 Jasper Tambini 189 1:0 Andrew Hebron 179
6 David Scott 181 ½:½ Richard James 167
7 Angus James 177 ½:½ Chris Baker 165
8 Liam Bayly 165 1:0 Marcel Holowienko –

Yes – I reached a winning position with an extra pawn on d7 about to promote, without having any idea what I was doing right or what my opponent was doing wrong. Sadly my brain froze and my d-pawn accidentally fell off the board.

Interesting to note that Surbiton had four RJCC alumni (Boards 2,3,5,8) to our three (Boards 1,2,4). I suppose I count as an honorary RJCC alumnus, though. Chris B was a pre-RJCC Richmond Junior, Marcel an RTCC Richmond Junior, and Andrew was taught chess at school by an RJCC alumnus.