Richmond C v Maidenhead A 06-02-20

Our visit to Maidenhead last month resulted in a ½-5½ defeat. For the return match we were slightly stronger while they were not quite so strong, so we managed to double our score.

Richmond C Maidenhead A
1 Conor Murray-Playfair 0:1 Charles Bullock 162
2 Masoud Molazadeh 120 0:1 Majid Mashayekh 162
3 Marcel Holowienko 0:1 Nigel Smith 162
4 Paul Evans 124 0:1 Nigel Dennis 150
5 Rob Hunter 109 1:0 William Castaneda 139
6 Andreas Maroulis 0:1 Keith Trower 109

A great win for Rob against an opponent who outgraded him by 30 points – very well played! Paul was unlucky: he chose to sacrifice a knight when his opponent found the only defence. If he’d sacrificed his rook instead he would have had the advantage.