Richmond B v Surbiton B 13-02-20

Surbiton B fielded a much weaker team than in some of their previous matches this season, so on paper it looked like we were in with a chance of a result.

Here’s what happened.

Richmond B Surbiton B
1 Bertie Barlow 170 1:0 Altaf Chaudhry 196
2 Ian McLeod 160 0:1 Mark Hogarth 154
3 Raghu Kamath 156 0:1 Graham Alcock 140
4 Sampson Low 148 ½:½ Henry Shard 137
5 Adrian Waldock 146 ½:½ Paul Durrant 150
6 Masoud Molazadeh 120 0:1 David Cole 126
7 Lewis Low 106 0:1 Mark Webley 119

Bertie repeated his win from eight days earlier against his high graded opponent, a former President of the Chess Federation of Pakistan. But, alas, there was little joy for us on the lower boards.

Board 4 was unfinished on the night but adjudicated a draw by Stockfish 11 after both players had missed wins in a time scramble.

Congratulations to Bertie, who is currently in the form of his life, and congratulations also to our friends from Surbiton on an outstanding victory.