Chess Puzzle of the Week (70): Solution


Last week I asked you What Happened Next in this position, with White to move.

As several of you guessed, White played 1. Qa7 (Qb6 would have led to the same thing), expecting a quick checkmate.

He was quite correct: it led to a quick checkmate – for Black: 1… Rd1+ 2. Kf2 Rf1+ 3. Kg3 h4+ 4. Kh3 Rf3+! 5. gxf3 Bf1#

This is taken from David Smerdon’s new book The Complete Chess Swindler (no connection to The Complete Chess Addict).

The book sounds great: can’t wait to buy a copy (unless I get sent a review copy first)!

Congratulations to everyone who found the correct answer, whether on Facebook or elsewhere.