Chess Puzzle of the Week (71): Solution


This was last week’s puzzle, from the 1946 game between Frantisek Zita and David Bronstein.

Black won by playing 17… Rxa1! 18. Rxa1 Nxf2!. As you can see here, the game continued with 19. Re3 Nxh3+ and Black soon won.

19. Kxf2 would have been met by Nxb3, and 19. Qxf2 would have run into Nd3 (not 19… Nxe4 20. c5: the note by ‘bobbyperez’ is incorrect). 19. Kh2 was relatively best, but after Ncd3, Black would come out two pawns ahead.

I first saw this game in Golombek’s The Game of Chess, my first ever chess book, back in 1962.