Richmond C v Ealing Juniors B 12-03-20

A disappointing result for our C team against Ealing Juniors B.

Huw’s report will follow shortly, but I understand several games were lost through careless mistakes.

Ealing Juniors had a very strong top board, but the other players were all beatable.

Richmond C Ealing Juniors B
1 Conor Murray-Playfair – 0:1 Luca Buanne 163
2 Marcel Holowienko – 0:1 Nandinee Thatte 111
3 Andreas Maroulis – 0:1 Kamran Harandi 108
4 Colin Dailley 111 0:1 Saeed Harandi –
5 Ron Bilkhu – 0:1 Nilesh Thatte 92
6 Huw Williams 96 ½:½ Andrew Glass 57

My go-to man for chess instruction at this level is US coach Dan Heisman (Twitter): perhaps it’s no coincidence that we were born in the same year. He goes on and on, over and over again, that the most important word in chess is ‘safety’: making sure your move isn’t an oversight. Just the same as I do.

Congratulations to all our friends from Ealing Juniors. We look forward to seeing you again when we come out on the other side.