Chess Puzzle of the Week (76): Solution

I sometimes teach my pupils how to play Snooker Chess: queens and bishops can bounce off the edge of the board at a right angle.

The position I showed you last week reminded me of this. Watch the bouncy bouncy white queen touring the dark squares!


Shirov won with the beautifully geometric 28. Qa5! Rxd4 (or 28… h6 30. Qd8+ Re8 31. Qf6) 29. Qxg5+ Kf8 30. Qf6! (threatening Qh8#) 30… Rxd6 31. Qxd6+ and White eventually won.

Did you spot all the dark squares coming into play? a5, d8. f6, g5, h8, d4, d6. Amazing. Isn’t chess an extraordinarily aesthetic game?