Chess Puzzle of the Week (83): Solution


Last week’s puzzle was submitted by Richard Thursby. Black cannot capture safely on d4: 1… Bxd4 2. Nxd4 (but not 2. Rd1 Bxf2+) 2… Qxd4 loses to 3. Re8+ (which wouldn’t work if White had a pawn on h2 rather than h3) 3…Kh7 4. Qf5+ g6 5. Qxf7+.

Black could also try 2… Qc4 when White can win most simply with 3. Re4 (or also, for instance, 3. Kg2 Rxd4 4. Re8+ Kh7 5. Qf5+ which leads to mate).

There’s also 2… g5 when 3. Qf6 will keep the extra piece as Qxd4 is again met by Re8+.

This position demonstrates several important tactical ideas.

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