Chess Puzzle of the Week (84): Solution


Last week’s answer: the game continued 1. Ng5+! hxg5 2. hxg5 g6 3. Rh8+! Kxf8 4. Qxf7 and Black, faced with Rh1#, resigned.

Black had a hidden defence: 2… Bd6 when there are lots of good moves for White, but 3. Rh8+? now loses to 3… Kxh8 4. Qxf7 Qc7! 5. Rh1+ Bh2.

As Willy Hendriks puts it: “So 1 point for Ng5, 1 extra point for the Rh8+ tactic and 2 more points for those who saw this isn’t correct after 2… Bd6 (please raise your hands – well, as usual, only the silicon guy).

Not only the silicon guy, Chris Baker as well. Congratulations!

To misquote Margaret Thatcher, every chess player needs a Willy!

My forthcoming book Chess Puzzles for Heroes will include several hundred similar puzzles. Further news next month!