Chess Puzzle of the Week (88)

With lockdown finally easing, Bob and Carol went down to the pub for a few drinks and a few games of chess. The club room was locked so they asked for the set behind the bar and took it out to the beer garden.

Shortly afterwards, Ted and Alice arrived and saw this position on the board.


“I see you’re playing the English again, Bob”, said Ted. “That’s very patriotic of you. And Carol’s paying homage to our European neighbours by heading for the Dutch Defence.”

Alice, always observant, had noticed something was wrong. “What a pity there are a couple of pieces missing from your set. Do you want me to see if I can find them?”

“No need”, replied Bob. “They’ve already been captured. There’s not much room on these small tables so I’ve put them in my pocket.”

Carol wanted to get on with the game. “Come on now, Bob! It’s about time you made your next move. We’ve only played four moves so far. If you don’t hurry up we won’t finish before it gets dark.”

So, how did Bob and Carol reach this position? You tell me!