Chess Puzzle of the Week (99): Solution

Last week’s puzzle was from Nijboer-Giri (Groningen 2008)

White could have won by blocking the g-file so that the queen can’t get back to defend g7: 35. Rg5!! hxg5 36. Qc7. Congrulations to Chris Baker for spotting this!

Instead, Nijboer played 35. Qd7, when Giri could have forced an immediate draw with 35… Qf1+ 36. Ka2 Qc4. He chose instead to set a trap: 35… Qg2!. Now White has several ways to draw (Rxe5 for example) but he was unfortunately seduced by 36. Rxh6?? Qg1+ 37. Ka2 Qxa7! when he had to resign because 38. Qxa7 would be met by Ra8.

All this and much more in the ECF Book of the Year, The Complete Chess Swindler by David Smerdon.