Chess Puzzle of the Week (100): Solution

Last week I showed you this position from Chess Puzzles for Heroes, asking you whether 1… Qxf3 was a trick or a treat.

Here’s the answer, taken from the book:

1… Qxf3 is a GOOD MOVE (5 points). A beautiful queen sacrifice forcing mate. 2. gxf3 Bd4+ (you have to see this double check) and now 3. Kh2 Bg1+ 4. Kh1 Bxf3# (5 points) or 3. Kh1 Bxf3+ 4. Kh2 Bg1# (5 points) or 3. Kf1 when either 3… Bc4+ 4. Ke1 Rg1# or 3… Rg1+ 4. Ke2 Bc4# (5 points for either or both).

First up with the answer this time was food critic and West London chesser Andy Hayler: congratulations!

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