Chess Puzzle of the Week (103): Solution

Last week’s position was from a recent online engine tournament game: Stoofvlees (apparently a Flemish beef stew: sounds delicious) against Lc0 (Leela Chess Zero).

The game concluded: 45… Rg5!! 46. Bxg5 (or 46. a8Q Nc5+ 47. Bxc5 Qc2+ 48. Kb5 Rxc5+ 49. Qxc5 Qxc5+ 50. Ka4 Qc2+ 51. Kb4 Qb2+ 52. Kc4 Qxe2+) 46… Nc5+ 47. Kb5 Qb3+ Ka5 Nb7+ 49. Ka6 Qa4+ 50. Kxb7 Qc6+ 51. Kb8 Qc8#