Chess Puzzle of the Week (122): Solution

Last week’s puzzle was taken from the game Bledow – von Bilguer (Berlin 1839).

The game continued: 8. Qf7+!! Nxf7 9. Bxf7+ Ke7 10. Bg5+ Kd6 11. Bxd8 Kxe5 12. f4+! Kf5 13. Bg5! and White won 20 moves later. Lovely stuff!

This was taken from a new book, Chess Rivals of the 19th Century (McFarland), written by Tony Cullen, whom some of you may remember from his chess playing days at London Central YMCA and, more recently, Wimbledon.

My review will be published on British Chess News within the next week or so, and I’ll no doubt be returning to this book later for some more spectacular 19th century tactics.