Chess Puzzle of the Week (139): Solution

Last week’s puzzle, taken from Davorin Kuljasevic’s new book How to Study Chess on your Own (my review will be appearing elsewhere shortly) is some analysis from the Sicilian Najdorf.

White’s sacrificed a queen to reach this position and can conclude with 30. Rf7+!! Kg8 (or 30… Kxf7 31. Bc4+ Kf8 32. Nd7#) 31. Rf8+! Kxf8 (or 31… Rxf8 32. Bc4+ Rf7 33. Re8#) 32. Nd7+ Kf7 33. Bc4+ Qd5 34. Bxd5#.

Kuljasevic points out that in the three variations in the solution White mates with three different pieces: knight, rook and bishop.