Chess Puzzle of the Week (146): Solution

In last week’s puzzle, Mickey Adams could have beaten Keith Arkell if he’d found 33… Qf4!, threatening to capture on d4 as there’s a potential Qf1# at the end. Now 34. dxc5 is met by 34… Rxd2 35. Qxd2 Qxe4+ 36. Kg1 c3! 37. Qd5+ Qxd5 38. Rxd5 c2 and the c-pawn promotes. White has nothing better than 34. Rf2, when Black plays 34… Qe3! with Rxd4 to follow, or, if 35. dxc5, then Rxd1+. White’s position is falling apart.

The consensus of opinion was that this was too hard even for grandmasters without much time on the clock. What do you think? Would you have found the strongest continuation? If so, go to the top of the class!