Chess Puzzle of the Week (165)

Bob and Carol were already playing their game at the Adelaide when Ted and Alice arrived.

This was the position on the board.

“What do you think of our new venue, then?”, asked Ted. “You seem to have a few pieces missing, though. Perhaps they’re back at the Roebuck.” “You could always play the position out from here”, added Alice. “You both have the same number of pieces, and my chess teacher tells me it’s good to practise endings.”

“But we started the game five minutes ago”, protested Carol. “Look, the captured pieces are here in the box. How many moves do you reckon we’ve played, Bob?” “Half a dozen or so, I’d say”, he answered. “Yes, exactly six moves each so it’s White’s move now. Perhaps you can work out how we reached this position.”

“I’ll go down and get the drinks while you’re thinking about it”, said Ted. “A pint of Spitfire for you, Bob, and, a G & T for Carol?” “I’ll see if I can solve the puzzle while you’re gone”, said Alice. “It shouldn’t take me that long.”

Can you work out how this position was reached after six moves by each side? If you manage to find the solution, do let me know, preferably privately so as not to spoil the fun.

This proof game problem was composed by Joost de Heer (Probleemblad 2001)