League Results 11-01-22

Tuesday 11 January saw two of our teams playing their first match of the new year.

Richmond B had the privilege of being able to welcome our visitors from Maidenhead A to our new venue. A close match ensued, with honours being shared.

  1. Bertie Barlow (2006) ½:½ Nigel Smith (1960)
  2. Julien Shepley (1971) ½:½ Tony Milnes (1971)
  3. Ieuan Fenton (-) 0:1 Nigel Dennis (1885)
  4. Roger Scowen (1681) 0:1 William Castaneda (1728)
  5. Rob Hunter (1540) 1:0 Yuri Krylov (-)
  6. Victor Bluett (-) 1:0 Dariusz Sikora (-)

We were unlucky not to win as Roger misunderstood the time settings. Congratulations to Rob and Victor (on his debut for Richmond) on their wins.

We also had a team playing in the (rapidplay) Ellery Williams Trophy in the Surrey League. Here, we went down to a narrow defeat, but I understand Paul and Huw both went wrong in good positions. Unlucky again!

  1. Robert Jurjevic (1600s) 1:0 Paul Evans (1563s)
  2. Harshita Jayanthi (1473) ½:½ Ron Bilkhu (-)
  3. Christopher Perks (1450s) 1:0 Huw Williams (1435s)
  4. Nick Thynne (-) 0:1 Levente Lencses (1202)

Thanks to all for playing and well played Levente!