Chess Puzzle of the Week (173): Solution

Fred Dewhirst Yates – Hubert Ernest Price
Hastings 1921

Last week’s puzzle was part of my project looking for tactical exercises based on games played 100 years ago. I asked you whether or not Black should play 23… Bxb4 in this position.

23… Bxb4? is a blunder. Black had seen the clever 23… Bxb4? 24. axb4? Rxe4! with a back rank mate if Black takes either major piece, but missed 24. Bh6! g6 (or 24… Bf8 25. Bxg7!) 25. Qd3!, threatening both axb4 and Qxd7, winning a piece. The game actually continued 24. Bh6! g6 25. Qf3? and, after further misadventures, the game later resulted in a draw.