Match Results Update 12-05-22

In this week’s matches our inexperienced players found life difficult against strong opposition from Hounslow A and Surbiton C.

Here’s our TVB team result, a 2-4 defeat.

  1. Andrew Hebron (2020) 0:1 Seshagiri Vaddadi (2065)
  2. Julien Shepley (1971) ½:½ Mat Dydak (2088)
  3. Ieuan Fenton (-) ½:½ Leon Fincham (1900)
  4. Pablo Soriano (-) 1:0 Frank Zurstiege (1690)
  5. Serhat Abay (-) 0:1 JJ Padam (1765)
  6. Christos Venetis (-) 0:1 Eugene Gregorio (1698)

A great win from Pablo and solid draws from Julien (very quickly) and Ieuan. Well played!

And our TVC result, five defeats and only one win.

  1. David Cole (1653) 1:0 Otto Weidner (-)
  2. Robin Browne (1728) 0:1 Adam Spiers (-)
  3. Alexey Markov (1600) 1:0 George Milligan (-)
  4. Oleksiy Podolyan (1578) 1:0 Levente Lencses (1525)
  5. David Morant (1450) 1:0 Mike Robinson-Chui (-)
  6. Paul McCauley (1403) 1:0 Huw Williams (1435)

Another fantastic result from Adam who maintains his 100% record! We’ll be hearing a lot more from him in future!

We have two more matches to conclude the season, both at home. On Tuesday 17 May we have a rapidplay match against Wimbledon in the Ellery Williams Trophy, and on Tuesday 24 May our TVC team play their return encounter against Surbiton C, hoping for better luck next time.

Playing slowplay over the board is very different from playing online blitz. It takes time to adjust to the much slower time limit, not to mention having to record your moves and press your clock. Our newer members will benefit a lot from playing regularly in league matches against tough opposition.

It’s great that we’re attracting so many new members who are keen to try out league chess, and that we have enough teams to give them the opportunity for regular competition.

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to complete our latest survey here.