Chess Puzzle of the Week (197): Solution

Last week’s puzzle came from a game between Will Taylor and Peter Finn, played in last month’s Kingston Invitational Tournament.

Will is a rook ahead but is faced with the dangerous threat of Qd1+, with mate to follow. The winning move here is 30. Nd4!!, blocking the d-file with an otherwise useless piece, and buying time for Qg5 followed by Q(x)e5+.

Alas, in the game he played the creative but inadequate queen sacrifice 30. Qf3?, when Peter found the only winning move, 30… Qd8! (everything else loses) 31. Qe2 Nxe4! and wins.

A remarkable position, I think. Did you manage to analyse it correctly?

Here’s the complete game. Click on any move for a pop-up window.