Chess Puzzle of the Week (200)

For our 200th puzzle, a position from 100 years ago.

In 1922 the BCF (as it then was) organised a tournament comprising three of the world’s leading players, Alekhine, Rubinstein and Bogoljubov, Tarrasch, who had been world championship standard back in the 1890s, and England’s two leading active players of the time, Sir George Thomas and Fred Yates.

This is from Alekhine – Yates, played 100 years ago tomorrow as I write this, 13 September 1922.

A few moves ago Alekhine sacrificed the exchange for an attack. He now has four candidate moves. Should he choose a) Rxf7, b) Bxf7+, c) Qg8+ or d) Qh8+?

Alekhine, one of the world’s greatest ever calculators of tactics, got it wrong. Can you do better?