Chess Puzzle of the Week (202): Solution

This week’s puzzle was taken from Maxim Notkin’s tactics column in the latest New in Chess (2022#6).

In the game Gurel – Pastar (Ayvalik 2022) White won as follows:

44. Bxe5! Kxe5 (44… hxg2 45. Bh2 stopping the pawn) 45. Ne1 Kf4 46. Nf3!! Kxf3 47. a6 h2 48. a7 Kf2 49. a8Q Kg1 50. Qa1+ Kg2 51. Qxg7 and Black resigned because 51… h1Q is met by 52. Qb7+.

A practical ending with study-like components. Well done to everyone who solved this correctly!